Sun Survey Co., Ltd is an industry-leading supplier of land survey and precision measurement technologies based in the UK. Supporting professionals across a diverse range of industries – from Engineering and Construction, to Archaeology and Forensics – we hire and sell both new and reconditioned equipment, as well as providing comprehensive service, technical support and training.

As a fully accredited authorised distributor and service partner of Leica Geosystems, STONEX and channel distribution partner of FARO Technologies and SPX Radiodetection, Opti-cal offers an extensive range of precision survey equipment, including Total Stations, 3D Laser Scanners, Theodolites, GPS/GNSS Surveying Equipment, Construction Lasers, Levels, Utility Detectors, Safety and Used Survey Equipment.




Research on Application of RTPPP for the Hydrographic Surveying in Vietnam

Can PHAM and Lau Ngoc NGUYEN, Vietnam Keywords: RTPPP, IGS-RTS Corrections, Bathymetric, Maritime Applications, Real-time Kinematic Positioning, Hydrographic Surveying, Offshore Surveying SUMMARY At present, the real-time kinematic relative positioning techniques such as DGPS and RTK are being used widely for hydrographic surveying in order to determine the horizontal position of river/sea bottom points. Limitations of

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ATLAS™ GNSS Global Correction Service

Hemisphere GNSS is a part of the UNISTRONG GLOBAL Group: a well known Company, market leader of Smart GNSS heading antennas for navigation and machine control and advanced GNSS boards. Now Hemisphere GNSS added the Global Correction System Atlas® to its services portfolio and Stonex new GNSS units are able to take advantage from Atlas®.

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Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) is an artificial treatment process that uses materials as a substrate for microorganisms adhesion to grow and develop, a combination of traditional Aerotank and aerobic biofilter. A. Introduce technology MBBR is the latest technology in the field of wastewater treatment because of its space-saving and high processing efficiency. Similar to

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Solar-Powered Hydrogel Collects Clean Water Out of Thin Air

Using solar power and what they refer to “super sponges,” a team of engineers at the University of Texas at Austin have developed a neat, and potentially life-saving, magic trick: pulling water out of thin air. The sponges are actually hydrogels, gel-polymer hybrid materials that are designed to hold and contain substantial amounts of water.

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