S980A GNSS Receiver

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S980A GNSS Receiver



    Stonex S980A with its 800 channels, provides an excellent on board real time navigation solution with high accuracy. All GNSS signals (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, QZSS and IRNSS) are included, no additional cost.

  • 2-5W RADIO

    S980A has integrated 2-5W UHF radio with 410-470MHz frequency. Our receiver is equipped with an external radio antenna to work better.


    On S980A through E-Bubble it can be displayed directly on software if the pole is vertical and the point will be recorded automatically when the pole is levelled. As an optional it is also available the IMU technology, only a fast initialization is request.


    S980A comes with a convenient color touch display for easy management of the most important functions.


    S980A, through the appropriate connector, can be connected to an external GNSS antenna and is transformed from an RTK receiver to CORS.

GNSS Receiver with 5 Watt radio and Atlas®

Stonex S980A integrated GNSS receiver tracks all the present constellations and satellite signals GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, QZSS and IRNSS.

Through the 4G GSM modem a fast internet connection is guaranteed and the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules allow always reliable data flow to the controller. These features combined with the integrated 2-5 watt radio make S980A the perfect base station receiver.

The color touch display and the possibility of connecting an external antenna makes S980A an extremely effective receiver for every type of job. S980A is also equipped with an E-Bubble and the optional IMU technology: fast initialization, up to 60° inclination.

S980A has a 1PPS port which can be used in applications that require precise synchronization time to ensure that multiple instruments work together or that use the same parameters for system integration based on precise time.

What are the performances of the S980A with IMU?

• Fast initialization
• Up to 60° inclination
• 2 cm accuracy 30°
• 5 cm accuracy 60°
• Fast and precise survey
• No problem of electromagnetic disturbances

Stonex S980A with IMU system makes reliable every measurement, both survey and the stake out jobs, and makes extremely faster the acquisition of points: up to 40% of the field work time can be saved!



• Signals Tracked: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, IRNSS, SBAS, BeiDou, QZSS

• L-Band: Atlas H10/H30/Basic (option)

• Channels: 800

• Tilt Sensor: E-Bubble, IMU (option)

• High Precision Static: H: 2.5mm+0.1ppm, V: 3.5mm+0.4ppm

• Static & Fast Static: H: 3mm+0.5ppm, V: 5mm+0.5ppm

• RTK (<30Km): H: 5mm+1ppm, V: 10mm+1ppm

• Code Differential Positioning: 0.4m RMS

• SBAS Positioning: 0.6m RMS

• Position Rate: 10Hz, (optional 20-50Hz)

• Integrated radio: Tx/Rx

• Internal Radio Range: 5Km (urban environment), Up to 15Km (optimal conditions); Frequency: 410 – 470 MHz

• Reference outputs: RTCM, CMR, CMR+, DGPS

• Navigation outputs: NMEA 0183

• Interface: Bluetooth V2.1+EDR, V4.1, Wifi 802.11b/g/n, Web UI

• WEB UI: Upgrade software, setting, data download via Smartphone, tablet or other electronic device with Wi-fi capability.

• I/O Connectors: 5 pins Lemo, connect the external power supply and external radio type-C, for receiver power supply and data transfer; 1 PPS Port; GNSS Port for external antenna

• Battery: Internal rechargeable 7.2V – 13600 mAh

• Working time: Up to 10 hours

• Charge time: Typically 4 hours

• Memory: 32GB

• Waterproof/Dustproof: IP67

• Shock Resistance: Designed to endure to a 2m pole drop on concrete floor with no damage

• Weight: 1.48kg


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